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eightdrawer drsieThat’s craftsmanship and that’s great service! The item is as beautiful as the pics and the description suggested. And: quickest possible shipping! No doubt about it: 5 stars!

–  drsiebrasse

quaich raggydThe quality of this item is outstanding. The craftsmanship is perfect and piece of wood selected is wonderful.

We requested a custom quaich for our wedding next year to pass amongst our friends and family and we couldn’t be more excited about them seeing it.

Superb craftsman with wonderful products. Highly recommended shop.

– RaggyD

sixdrawer cbrownEven after having this beautiful box for a few weeks, I am still so mesmerized by it. All that walk through my door are quickly shown what a complex little box this is. We have gotten several compliments on it. I give all commenters your ETSY site and simply say enjoy looking !!! Again, thank you so much for this little treasure. What an extraordinarily beautiful piece of art. My husband is just so taken aback with it.

– christie brown


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